Cocoa+ High Protein 6x70g - Smakspakke
Cocoa+ High Protein 6x70g - Smakspakke Cocoa Plus
Indulge in smooth luxury 55% cocoa infused with the finest whey protein isolate sourced from grass-fed cows. All the benefits of rich dark chocolate, without the bitterness and with less sugar. An all natural, creamier, healthier alternative packed with natural fibre and rich cocoa taste. Or if you're into something...

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Cocoa+ Proteinsjokolade 4x40g - Smakspakke
Tilbud Utsolgt
Cocoa+ Proteinsjokolade 4x40g - Smakspakke Cocoa Plus
Cocoa+'s high protein luxury chocolate now available in small convenient, bite-size bars, yet still packed with a huge protein content and that rich cocoa goodness. Perfect at the office. In the gym. After a run...On the go!  Indulge, snack or scoff a whole bar, leaving you feeling fuller for longer in between meals, or...

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